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A complete, integrated and modular software suite

Twincentric is pleased to be able to partner with Evidian to deliver and support the Evidian suite in the UK. The Evidian Suite helps organizations to deploy a united, global security policy and service level management capability, through independent but seamlessly integrated security and management software suites.


Identity & Access Manager

Define and enforce your security policy, then measure its efficiency. Compare your policy with existing rights and automatically modify application accounts.

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Authentication Manager

Protect access to your PCs with strong authentication. Reduce the usage costs of biometrics, smart cards and other devices. Covers multi-PC users and solves device loss issues without help-desk calls.

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Enterprise SSO

Eliminate password login tasks from your applications without modifying them, securely. The user logs in only once, which boosts his or her efficiency and reduces the number of help desk calls.

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Web Access Manager

Add SSO to your web applications from any place without modifying them: smartphone, iPad, internet kiosk etc. There is nothing to install on your stations: accesses and rights are managed centrally.

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High Availability

High availability and load balancing of Evidian Identity and Access Management suite. This solution is open to other critical applications with the SafeKit software.

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Twincentric are the UK partners for the Evidian Suite
To discuss or for support, call 01993 700610


Evidian Identity & Access Manager

How can you control the security of access to your information system, in an increasingly more complex technical environment, under the pressure of business constraints and compliance?

Evidian Identity & Access Manager allows you to take regain control of accesses with a complete and integrated solution that reduces the management costs of the lifecycle of digital identities.

The development and globalization of the ecosystem of companies and organizations has accelerated the expansion and openness of information systems.

The proliferation of IT resources and the emergence of new employee needs for mobility and collaboration have considerably complicated the complexity of user access rights management. How can you respond to new regulatory constraints related to the governance, liability, traceability, and auditability of access to your information system?

Evidian Identity & Access Manager helps you to regain control of access to your applications by:

  • Organizing and unifying digital user identities across multiple sites or organizations
  • Streamlining the automatic and manual processes of assigning access rights under a central policy
  • Automating the effective implementation of the access policy and the continuous monitoring of its correct application
  • Facilitating audits of user access rights

Manage digital identities
Unify and consolidate the digital identities of your users, whether they are employees, suppliers, or partners, using existing identity sources (HR, purchasing, etc.) or manually through a simple tool.

Streamline your access policies
Define and implement processes for assigning access rights to the information system, whether automatically based on roles or manually, including hierarchical approval.

And ensure their implementation
Create or delete rights directly in the IT resources, in compliance with the access policy.
Implement continuous control to detect and reconcile differences between the required policy and the effective rights in the applications.

Facilitate audits
Quickly list the access rights that your current users have in your information system.
Easily obtain the report of IT resource access rights for all of your users.

Contact Twincentric for more information about Evidian's identity and acces management solutions, 01993 700610.

Evidian Authentication Manager

Secure access to your workstations and servers in any situation. Cover all authentication scenarios, whether one user accesses one or many PCs, or many users share one PC.

Passwords are a weak point in many authentication policies. Shared or simple Windows passwords are a risk of intrusion, and make it almost impossible to precisely audit Windows account usage.

Strong multi-factor authentication solves these issues by replacing passwords with devices or biometrics. But in the field, strong authentication faces operational constraints. To deploy and manage thousands of users, you must cover all use cases - or risk hindering employees in their daily tasks.

Secure complex authentication scenarios
Evidian Authentication Manager adapts strong authentication usage to the users' business constraints by allowing elaborate scenarios such as:

Simplify strong multi-factor authentication
Evidian Authentication Manager simplifies the deployment and day-to-day management of strong authentication:

With Evidian Authentication Manager, you're not locked into a technology. You deploy the right authentication in the right place. Your security policy is defined in a single operation - for all access modes.

Reduce usage costs
Evidian Authentication Manager replaces multiple consoles. Help desk staff unlock or remove access in a few seconds, whether for Windows password, smart card, RFID, biometrics or one-time password (OTP).

With self-service password request (SSPR) and failover access, users unlock their Windows access by themselves. This eliminates "unlock me" support calls.

With the QRentry feature, users can unlock their Windows session by scanning a QR Code.

Evidian Enterprise SSO

Managing IT security risks implies controlling access. Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) software is a great way to control access to your information system without overwhelming users with passwords that are difficult to manage.

Simplify and reinforce access to your applications
Enterprise single sign-on software enters application passwords automatically, in place of the user, and can change passwords according to a strict policy. This ensures application access security while keeping tasks simple for users and administrators.

As a result, your users naturally comply with your security policy. You can manage access rights and roles with just a few mouse clicks. For example, you can enforce smart card-based access to hospital kiosk PCs, or make the ERP application accessible to accountants only.

Secure shared accounts and user-to-user delegations
Evidian Enterprise SSO lets your users share the same generic accounts, or delegate their access to each other while absent. They do not reveal their passwords while doing so, and delegated accesses are logged with the real user's name.

Using a self-administration web portal, users who are ill or on holidays can remotely delegate all or part of their accounts, in full compliance with the corporate security policy. This is an efficient solution to the problem of emergency password sharing.

Ensure that your information system is compliant with laws and regulations
Sarbanes-Oxley, medical confidentiality, PCI DSS or laws on financial integrity: Evidian Enterprise SSO can help you comply with your legal and regulatory requirements.

All your employees’ attempts to access applications and PCs will be recorded in a central database. All accesses are recorded by name, including accesses to Windows accounts and generic applications. This will enable you to demonstrate that your access policy is respected and fulfils its objectives.

Evidian Web Access Manager

Seamless internet-to-intranet SSO access

Evidian Web Access Manager is a secure web single sign-on solution that connects your remote users to their web applications through a secure portal. It enforces your security policy over both desktop and web access.

Make your applications available over the Web
Increasingly, applications need to be available from outside the company's intranet. Mobile users and partners must access their company mail or corporate applications securely. How can you make information access secure and hassle-free?

With Evidian Web Access Manager, your users access their web applications from any airport, hotel room or customer site. Users access their web applications from any browser or smart phone. One password is all they need to access all web applications remotely.

Need to consult the company catalog from a customer's PC? Just log in and access. Users have only one password to remember - if they forget it, they can unlock themselves without the help-desk

Protect your web applications
Evidian Web Access Manager encrypts all traffic flowing from your intranet to remote browsers. Your data is safe, even over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It can also hide the URL of intranet servers - nobody knows where your applications servers are really located.

Evidian Web Access Manager can reinforce user authentication with one-time passwords (OTP), smart cards, USB tokens or certificates. Users can enter their login and password by clicking on an on-screen keyboard.

Integrate desktop and web single sign-on
When employees are back on their office desktop, Evidian extends single sign-on to all Windows applications with its Enterprise SSO module. For employees, the internet becomes a natural, secure extension of their intranet.

As a result, desktop and web SSO are truly integrated. The same single password (or token) works in both situations. And if an application password is modified on the desktop, SSO access continues to work remotely - and vice-versa.

This brings peace of mind to your mobile users and partners. They know they will not be denied access when they most need it. The same repository is used for both desktop and remote web SSO.

High Availability Software for Your Critical Application

Simple and inexpensive HA software

Automating the Paris subway (Line 1)
"SafeKit provides all the features we need: load balancing between servers, automatic failover after an incident and real-time data replication. SafeKit is a purely software solution that does not require shared disks on a SAN or network boxes for load balancing. It was very simple to split our servers across remote machine rooms."
Stéphane Guilmin, Project manager, Paris subway - RATP - More information on the 20 Windows and Linux clusters deployed at RATP...

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