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Managed Services

We provide managed technology services including application management, infrastructure management and application support leaving you free to focus on what you’re best at.

At Twincentric we specialise in complex and innovative application development and system integration. Our solutions are characterised by their availability, security and ability to rapidly process large volumes of data.

We provide user-centred design services to optimise usability and performance, strengthen business process and help our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Giving you confidence

Using a ‘light-touch’ systems-engineering approach, combined with elements of our own methodology, we deliver solutions that give you early visibility and flexibility. This can increase your confidence and reduce risk. We’re flexible and work in a number of different ways, ranging from a prime contractor to being part of a consortium with key industry partners we have the scale to run large, global and long-term programmes.

Our willingness to work with partners, makes us price-competitive because we are achieving efficiencies from using a consistent systems-engineering approach and a lower cost-base. We take a commercially-innovative, risk-reward approach, which means our clients require the minimum of capital outlay and can quickly see a return on their investment.

Whatever infrastructure is provided, it is of little practical use unless the applications which are deployed on it are stable, responsive and can be adapted to keep up with changing users and functional requirements. If systems fail, the support of a partner who is capable of quickly diagnosing and fixing the problem is essential. Twincentric provides a comprehensive Applications Support service where we work with our clients to ensure:

The longer term business benefit of Twincentric’s Application Support service is that it extends the life of the application avoiding costly rewrites and maximising the return on investment.


Applications Management

Support, Maintenance and Management for your business-critical and legacy applications.

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Efficiences & Savings

Most organisations incorporate a wider range of technology than an in-house team can feasibly cover…

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Twincentric Legacy Support

We help you protect your investment and provide flexibility to organizations with valuable COBOL assets.

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Choose Twincentric

Twincentric Services help organisations Deliver Value We give your organisation the skilled resources you require to support your business-critical systems – reducing downtime and business impact…


Support, Maintenance and Management for your business-critical and legacy applications.

Twincentric Applications Management provides both the managed support and ongoing maintenance service for your business-critical and departmental applications, keeping them available and usable, so you can focus on service delivery.

Most organisations incorporate a wider range of technology than an in-house team can feasibly cover and often, the level of support required doesn't warrant a full time position. With Twincentric’s Applications Management, you can get the support and skills you need to get the best out of your systems, without the costly overheads

Twincentric specialises in the take-on of legacy applications where finding the skilled resources that are willing to take-on and support them can be difficult. Over many years Twincentric has developed a process for the take on and support of program code. Our staff have and are providing legacy support to some of the UK's leading organisations. As you read this we are supporting upwards of 13 million lines of legacy Cobol, Mantis and operational code. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.