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How can you control the security of access to your information system, in an increasingly more complex technical environment, under the pressure of business constraints and compliance?

Twincentric is pleased to be able to offer in the UK the Evidian Identity & Access Manager the European leader in allowing you to take regain control of accesses with a complete and integrated solution that reduces the management costs of the lifecycle of digital identities. The Evidian solution lets your organization deploy, step by step, a coherent identity and access policy over your whole information system, with a fast return on investment.

The proliferation of IT resources and the emergence of new employee needs for mobility and collaboration have considerably complicated the complexity of user access rights management. How can you respond to new regulatory constraints related to the governance, liability, traceability, and auditability of access to your information system?

Evidian Identity & Access Manager helps you to regain control of access to your applications by:


Manage digital identities

Unify and consolidate the digital identities of your users, whether they are employees, suppliers, or partners, using existing identity sources (HR, purchasing, etc.) or manually through a simple tool.


Streamline your access policies

Define and implement processes for assigning access rights to the information system, whether automatically based on roles or manually, including hierarchical approval.


Ensure Implementation

Create or delete rights directly in the IT resources, in compliance with the access policy. 
Implement continuous control to detect and reconcile differences between the required policy and the effective rights in the applications.


Facilitate audits

Quickly list the access rights that your current users have in your information system.
Easily obtain the report of IT resource access rights for all of your users  […]

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Identity and Access Management:

The Evidian IAM Suite helps corporations deploy a comprehensive identity management and access control policy for both web and legacy environments. It provides organizations with a single point of administration, enabling customers to streamline the deployment of security policy and consistently enforce it across the Internet, Intranets and Extranets, while dramatically decreasing security management costs and increasing enterprise agility, user productivity and regulatory compliance. Features include virtual policy management, approval workflow, user provisioning, identity synchronization, dynamic access control and SSO across all environments, from legacy to web/J2EE.
Evidian is recognized as the European leader in Identity and Access Management, and one of the five leading players worldwide.